Training & Education

Comprehensive Training Solutions

Every business ultimately stands or falls on the skill set of its personnel, leaders and senior staff.


We offer a comprehensive analysis that compares training needs against regulations, international best-practice and budget requirements.

We first analyze training requirements at all levels, including the need to 'train the trainers'. This is followed by an assessment of the organization’s training needs. As a final step we present training options, including leadership training, team building training, crisis management training, crisis communications training and due diligence training, just to give a few examples.

Leadership Training

Today’s leaders face unique challenges and change management needs.  Our leadership training focus on leadership competencies, behaviors, style, and management approach.

Practical, state-of-the-art leadership concepts, theories, and approaches will be covered. We organize applied leadership training through tailored team-building activities in challenging environments in Saudi Arabia and Europe. The exercises can be tailored towards a variety of scenario like emergency or hostile situations and can be organized throughout the year.

Our leadership modules are integrated and consist of Risk Analysis, Decision Making Process, Training Methodology, Crisis/Disaster Management, Crisis Communication and Business Continuity Management.

Security & Defense Training

Our security and defense training is focused on enhancing the capacity and capability of security personnel through our internationally recognized training curricula.

We will take the students through a training transformational process to achieve higher level international standards in Security and Defense. This will provide a key enabling factor for interacting with Security and Defense Forces and other governmental agencies. We will provide basic, specialist and unit training.

Our certified courses will include individual tactical behavior, tactical measures, critical infrastructure protection, first aid, as well as driving and maintenance training to mention a few.

In addition, we will be able to provide special training in risk analysis, prevention and mitigation, decision making, command and control, search and rescue and more.

Maritime Training

Our maritime partner offers a broad range of high-speed craft training at sea and related applications such as realistic exercises with helicopters and the repair and maintenance of engines. The engineering and maintenance program offers training and hands-on experience with inboard, outboard and small marine engines. The students will not only learn how to perform maintenance and troubleshooting procedures related to various marine systems but specific knowledge of their own assets.

Technical and
Maintenance Training

Technical know-how and effective maintenance programs are very important and regular preventive maintenance is a prerequisite for operational readiness.


We offer a fully integrated training service from training needs analysis, training design and manufacture to training delivery.

Vocational Training

Our vocational training emphasizes knowledge and skills needed to be qualified in a specific job role.

Our courses usually last between two and three and a half years and comprise theoretical as well as practical elements. Students will spend one or two days a week, or several weeks at once, at a vocational school where they acquire the theoretical knowledge needed. The rest of the time will be spent on the job training. There the students will be able to apply their newly acquired knowledge in practice.

An independent organization will certify that the students possess the skills required to perform the chosen occupation.