Technical Solutions

Surveillance Assets
  • Camera/Video and Infrared Surveillance 

  • Unattended Ground Sensors

      (e.g. Geophone, Magnetic Sensors)

  • Mobile Surveillance


  • Airborne Surveillance

      (e.g. Helicopters, Drones)


  • Red Dot sights for HK MP5/G36

  • Tactical Laser Light Modules

  • Night Vision Monocular

  • Night Vision Goggles

  • Thermal Observation System

Rapid Entry Systems
  • Ladders

Pool Ladders, Tactical Ladders, Pole Ladders, Wire/Rope Ladders

  • Hooks and Poles


Personal Protection Material
  • Ballistic Vest Level III up to IV (NIJ)

  • Helmets Level IIIA (NIJ)

  • Ballistic Shields Level III (NIJ)


And much more such as …
  • Swiss Knives

  • Personal equipment

  • Stretchers and Wheel Carts


  • Mobile Solar Plants (off-grid-solutions)


More to follow

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