Security & Defense

Public Security and Defense

Governments throughout the world face increasing pressure to control spending and at the same time increase public services and engage in new initiatives.


At the same time, the security environment in the region has become more unstable. The threats have not only increased in terms of quantity, but also the quality is changing. Criminals are becoming more sophisticated and are equipped with the latest technologies.

We take our social responsibility and will assist the authorities in creating a safe environment for both citizens and visitors. We will do this in a responsible and cost-efficient manner in line with Vision 2030.

We support our customers in improving safety and security based on best practice and ensure that all security solutions are aligned with the Ministry of Interior (MOI) and the Ministry of Defense (MOD).

Private Security

Private security companies continue to operate in a challenging environment throughout the world. We have seen mosques, housing compounds, hotels, shopping malls and metro stations being the target of violence. Even though the Saudi cities are amongst the safest in the world due to the professionalism of the Kingdom’s security forces, alertness and watchfulness must be maintained at all times.


In this context, private security plays an important role in supporting public security. A qualified training concept for private security staff is however required in order to meet the challenges of the future.

We will assist you in addressing this training gap through our internationally recognized training curricula for security personnel.