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The Saudi Arabian Tourism Guide

The Saudi Arabia Tourism Guide website has become the number one reference for tourism information in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This website is the result of continuous exploration of Saudi Arabia since 2010 by expatriates and a Saudi national who want to raise the awareness about the unknown marvels and entertainment the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has to offer.

Since it was launched in April 2017 it has been recognized as the most comprehensive website about tourism and exploration in Saudi Arabia and the content is regularly updated with new amazing locations and ideas of entertainment.

This project was initiated by three people with different profiles and interests:

Florent Egal, a French National who has explored most of the Kingdom since he arrived in Riyadh early 2010 and has become one of the finest connoisseur of Saudi Arabia's history.

Makki Al-Kurdi who initiated the project, as a Saudi national who was born in Saudi and lived also in Europe is familiar with both Saudi Arabia's traditions and modern lifestyle.


Andy Conder counts both the UK and South Africa as home, lived in Hail and Riyadh for seven years, is involved with the motorsports and golfing associations in the kingdom.

The team also provides support to tourism professionals who want to develop their online marketing, as well as their knowledge of Saudi Arabia's tourist locations and history.