The Saudi Arabian Tourism Guide



The Saudi society is undergoing sweeping changes and ALAKHDAR, as a Saudi company is thrilled to play its part. This also includes tourism. Saudi Arabia is full of great landscapes, has a rich history and cultural sites, like for example the Nabatean city of Madan Saleh that should be explored.

As a first step, we have therefore decided to support Florent Egal, a French national and his colleagues, the developers of the Saudi Arabia Tourism Guide

The guide has become the number one reference for tourism information in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

First Saudi Border Guard Symposium, Jeddah, October 15-19, 2017

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Integrated Border Management - Presentation by Christian L. Broennimann


First Saudi Border Guard Symposium, Jeddah, October 2017



This symposium was the first in the series of symposiums organized by the General Directorate of Saudi Border Guard, Ministry of Interior, Saudi Arabia, that provided a forum for the relevant authorities and global experts to promote knowledge and exchange ideas and information that will enhance land and maritime border security and safety at national, regional and international levels.

ALAKHDAR was invited to participate in the Symposium with a presentation of Integrated Border Management.


ALAKHDAR was also exhibiting a variety of assets in booth 7 and 8 located in the main exhibition hall. There you were to find state-of-the-art solutions, ranging from maritime capabilities to best-in-class optronics and advanced technologies just to mention a few. 

more to follow