Consulting and Project Management

We provide expert advice in areas such as management, training and education and technical solutions.


We translate operational requirements into technical specifications. We develop Request for Proposals (RFP) and validate offers.

​As an example, with international experts in security and defense, we have the competence and experience to conduct risks analyses and threat assessments, to derive operational requirements based on the analyses/assessments and to translate them into technical and system requirements. Based on these requirements we develop Concepts of Operations and Employment and design and deliver related training, all based on international best practice and standards.

In addition, we offer Project Management, Project Evaluation, Risk Management as well as Program Management. We are able to combine business, tactical, technical and construction related matter in order to support the customer in the best way possible.

Organizational Development

In Organizational Development we develop strategic plans for modifying your organization's business processes through the modification of policies, processes and procedures. This will enable you to move your organization from an "as is" to a "to be" state.

We have various assessment tools at our disposal. PESTLE gives you a bird’s eye view of the whole environment in which your organizations operates. SWOT assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within your organization and identifies ways for improvement.

The assessments are followed by defining organizational values and deciding how the goals in the Vision will be achieved and by which means. This forms the baseline for defining the strategy and related strategic initiatives that need to be implemented for a successful transformation.

Once the strategy and the initiatives are defined, it is time to look at the current organization. We build on the strategy and the results from the assessments and then define the target organization and its processes.


The transformation is supported by a certified Change Management program that ensures the strategic solution is effectively embraced, adopted and used.

Our goal is to develop an organization that is efficient, flexible and innovative.

Operations and Intelligence

We are a leading company in planning and implementing  Integrated Border Management.

We do not only have the theoretical background and understanding of the complexity of Border Management. We​ also have the practical background in security and police.

Even though Integrated Border Management has a European origin, we do not advocate for a “European solution” as the role model for all border areas; we are fully aware of the differences and specifics. We are, however convinced that Integrated Border Management with its focus on cooperation on all levels in order to fight border crossing crime is a solution for the future.


As an example for our simulation solutions, we can provide visibility into the four-dimensional world through analytical models and visual simulations, providing security and defense organizations with a baseline to define the best existing or new assets that move in space and time. Furthermore, we support security and defense organizations to be trained to support multiple missions in a more challenging and complex environment.

With our partners, we introduce different types of simulation that can

a) model a system (e.g. vehicle performance, sensor geometry and constraints, antenna characteristics);

b) analyze a mission and evaluate success through specific parameters (e.g. sensor coverage, collection feasibility, link budget, geometric and temporal conflicts); and

c) visualize every detail of a mission in a smooth and dynamic 3-dimensional way using GIS map and vector data.