Security and Defense



Our security sector is extensive and ranges from security consulting to the provision of best-in-class technical solutions and training.

We support security and defense organizations to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Our solutions are based on best international practice and we offer comprehensive organizational and technical solutions to meet your operational requirements.

Together with our partners we provide land and maritime capabilities based on latest technology and innovation. All products we represent are high performance, designed to meet your requirements.


We are a “green” company and believe in using natural resources as wisely and sparingly as possible.

We work for restoring the environment and believe in a circular lifecycle.

We provide concepts and solutions to increasing the awareness of environmental protection, developing efficient waste management and recycling projects. We call it “from waste management to resource efficiency”.

We will not only focus our efforts on technology, we also need to raise awareness and change behaviors and habits. To engage the society, starting with the children, we develop environmental awareness campaigns as a complement to technical solutions.


Innovative strategies will always allow for improvement within the health-care system to ensure the highest quality possible.


As a complement to the public sector that will focus on promoting preventive care, we will focus on Homecare as a complementary service   to regular healthcare, providing care and nursing for people at home. 

Our Homecare concept provides daily assistance to people of all ages. It helps with personal hygiene, preparation and administration of medicines as well as medical checks and pain management to mention a few areas. In addition it offers help with household activities like shopping, meal preparation and cooking, cleaning and laundry.

Recreation and Sport

We believe in a healthy and balanced lifestyle and want to further develop sports and athletic activities in the Kingdom.


We want to encourage young people to share our belief in the importance of widespread and regular participation in physical exercises, starting at an early age in schools.

We will introduce new ideas and further develop sports already existing. Our proposals will build on popular and well-developed concepts and activities in Europe and will include indoor as well as outdoor activities.

Our goal is to contribute to the ambition to excel in sports in selected areas.